Today we went to Manly, a suburb of Brisbane. Yes, Sydney has a suburb named “Manly” as well, but I already told you that Australians are not the most creative with giving names to places.

In Brisbane’s Manly there is the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, a pretty big yacht club. On Wednesdays they do a regatta (a race) and offer free sailing to guests. They enjoy showing the fun of sailing to other people and they lack personel for their crews 😀

Due to my history with sailing this was the perfect spot for me. I was very helpful aboard with everything, and on the way back I also steered the boat for a fair part. But the best thing is that we had a group of dolphins swimming around the front on our way back. Dolphins are my favourite animals and I love sailing. This day was like a dream to me! Absolutely awesome. And all I had to pay was the train ticket. Brilliant!


From 2011-06-15 Regatta sailing and dolphins. Posted by Philipp Hübner on 6/15/2011 (35 items)

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