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Melbourne November 2011

Another month passed, time to report!

I ended my last monthly post with mentioning cup day – which was the first day in November.

In Melbourne, and only in Melbourne, cup day is a public holiday. So all of us stayed at home, we had heaps of food and bets on the races, with an additional sweep on the most important one, the Melbourne Cup.

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Year abroad: 50% complete

6 months have passed now, exactly half of my time abroad is over.

Also, I have been working for more than 3 months now, that is more than half of my total time at this job.

5 months left in Australia + 1 in New Zealand. In a couple of weeks it’s christmas and summer holidays, then I have 4 weeks of work left before I start my final 3 months travelling Oz and NZ. This is going to be fast – I’ll be back home in no time!

I think I said it before, and I have to say it again: this one year is exactly the right amount of time for me. Less would not have worked out, but I don’t need more either. It’s perfect 😀

Stay tuned for my stories of November. There’s Phillip Island, the penguin parade, flying a helicopter and more. Cya!

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Melbourne October 2011

3 Months already!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time flies by while being in Melbourne. The city has so much to offer, there is simply no reason to be bored.

These are this month’s goodies:

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