Sydney Tower

Yesterday, 4 new backpackers arrived at the hostel, today another 3. Guess what nation? Right, Germans :S.
They’re nice people, but it drives me crazy. For that reason I wandered off this morning alone.

First I walked a fair bit, then took the free bus until Central Station.
At the wake up hostel I booked a room for sunday night. The following day at 6.15am my bus for the 5 day aussie surf camp will depart, and I’m not eager to carry my 25-30 kilos of luggage about 2k that early in the morning.

Then I walked along the most of George St through the heart of Sydney to my Westpac branch office.
There I opened a superannuation account and set up online banking for my existing Westpac account.
Afterwards I walked straight to the backpackers lounge for internet access. I had hundreds of photos and half a dozen blogposts waiting to be uploaded.
When I was mostly done with everything, Nicole and I went to the Sydney Tower, the highest building in Sydney, with a nice observation deck.
We took lovely photos, then headed back to the lounge. After some more internet we had a Wine & Cheese night there, with the “new” Germans, to whom we seemed like experienced backpackers.
It’s amazing how fast this one week here has passed, and I have really settled now. Sydney is great, because you can reach everything on foot, no need for public transport.

At night we joined a BBQ on the hostel roof for 2$ only. Such a great offer must simply not be missed!
We had great fun and talked a lot to the newly arrived people.
Now I am really tired and looking forward to the harbour cruise tomorrow, especially the stop at Watson’s bay and the swimming. 🙂

Have a good night!

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