Broome is a nice little town, the only one you can call a city between Perth and Darwin.

Our hostel, the “Beaches of Broome” is very nice and luckily it has airconditionaing, for we are now in the tropics. It is hot and very humid, a fact that I don’t like. I can handle dry heat, but humid heat makes me sweat and feel sticky and uncomfortable.

We have tonights between our arrival here and our departing flights, which gives us one full day. The previous night we watched the sunset, but because of the clouds we didn’t see much.

The one full day we had we spent walking around in the city with Lauren and Sam, whom we had gotten to know quite well on the last tour.

Broome is especially known for its pearling industry, and in the city there’s one pearl shop after the other. Paula was quite happy to watch at all the jewellery, while Sam and Lauren asked for jobs and where quite happy with the very positive feedback they got 🙂 I wish them all the best to get these jobs. If they work 6 months for Paspaley they get 50% off all pearl purchases (which would still be bloody expensive).

Unfortunately the whole day was full of heavy rain showers which started and stopped in no time. Luckily most of the city has roofs over the walkways so we didn’t get too wet, but we didn’t go to the beach.

It was a nice day. Originally we wanted to do a daytrip to one of the pearling oyster farms, but it was fully booked. Looking at the heavy rain we’re glad we didn’t go 🙂 so we used the day as good as possible.

Broome is really nice, the dry seasons is about to start, which brings more travellers and more jobs. I can’t do any tour between Broome and Darwin because of the wet seasons that has flooded too much of the country, even four-wheel-drives can’t get through. Hence I am flying to Darwin tomorrow, just in time before a cyclone is hitting Broome, which is forecasted for the day after tomorrow.

I took a few photos today, but they’re not very special. Have fun anyway!


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