Alice Springs is the well-known town (almost) in the middle of Australia. And it is almost as big and populated as my hometown Erkelenz 😀

So much for that.

The night before all of us from the previous tour except the canadian couple got into the same 8 bed dorm. Máire and Sabrina had to leave early the next morning for their Uluru tour, so we said goodbye before we went to sleep, for Gareth, Luca and I had a free day before our Uluru tour.

I slept in then went into the city to have a look around. Not much too see other than drunk Aborigines hanging out everywhere and harassing other people. I took 8 photos in total that day! That’s how boring Alice Springs is.

I bought some groceries and went back to the hostel where I chillaxed for the rest of the day. The photos are not worth to be shown, hence no photos this time.