Saturday morning my friend Paula arrived, knocking on my door in the hostel.

We got some breakfast and ate it at the beach, then went back to the hostel and worked out what to do next.

After confirming our trip to Broome we walked to the train station and caught the next train to Perth.

We walked around the city, did some shopping (I bought new boardshorts), checked out the Bells Tower, the Jetty and the Mint and then had a beer at a pub. Perth turned out to be a very nice and clean city. It is the fastest growing city in Australia and the city with the highest density of millionaires due to the mining business.

In the evening we met a few people from my Nullarbor Travel group for dinner and drinks. For me it was nice to catch up with them once more, for Paula it was a good chance to get a better understanding of the group and the journey I just finished.


The next day we went to Fremantle. We walked around, did some shopping (we bought a rashie each) and enjoyed the big indoor markets. We spent some time at the beach, of course I went for a swim. Then we walked around a bit more, went to the markets again to get some healthy cheesecake, ate that and finally returned to Cottesloe.

Cottesloe is the suburb where our hostel the Ocen Beach Backpackers is located. It is quite a famous beach, and there whas a big crowd, partially because there was some arts exhibition on the beach. A bit further north the beach was less crowded, but the pubs where overflowing with young people.

We went back to our room, then went out again and had dinner at a nice place on the beach where we could watch the sunset while listening to live music.

And that was our weekend in and around Perth! It is a nice area, but Melbourne remains my favourite city 🙂


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