When I was back at Gilligan’s, had checked in and had a long nice shower, I went down the bar to claim my $25 bar voucher.

The last time I asked (3 nights ago) I got a free beer and was told to come back on Monday night. Now it’s Tuesday, because I was on the Reef.

I asked the bartender who the bar manger was. He said there were 2 on duty and wanted to know the matter. So I told him about my OzEx win.
He called his supervisor and I had to tell him the story again. He decided to call his boss and I had to wait a little. All the bar staff has walkie talkies with earpieces and a microphone on the shirt collar. They try to look unsuspicious when using them, but they give the impression of Matrix agents 😀
Black shirts, ear piece, short dark hair, … you get it 🙂

So the bar manager came to me. I only had to tell half my story again, then he told me to get that voucher printed and give it to reception. I told him that I had already done that and they sent me over to him. He then went to see reception to get it sorted out and I had to wait again, this time a little bit longer. At some point he radioed the supervisor who told me to get the printed e-mail from reception and bring it to the bar, they would give me the voucher then.

So I walked back to reception. The bar manager walked past me when I entered. Why the hell couldn’t he bring it over then? Anyway, I got the printed mail back from reception and went to the bar again. And then all the bar staff was gone! I felt more than fooled.
After waiting a few minutes the bartender came back, served another customer before me and then took my printout. He read it and tried to unremarkably radio his supervisor or boss (can’t know exactly) for confirmation. He told me he would need to pick up some bar cards for me and left.

And I had to wait again! After a while he came back and handed me 3 bar cars. I can get a basic drink for every single card, worth 8€. Awesome 🙁
The Aussies understand rum+coke, vodka+energy and such stuff as basic drinks, but not beer! And $8 for a glass of such shitload – no thanks. I will try to get a beer instead. For a card worth $8 you should definitely be able to get a beer which should be cheaper anyway.

I spent at least half an hour waiting, to finally not get a $25 voucher but 3 $8 bar cards for basic drinks, which heavily limits my choices.

I am definitely going to email Oz Experience and tell them how crappy that prize worked out.

On the positive side, I learned how stealthy agent-like bar staff works here 😀

After 3 days of either diving or eating and hardly getting enough sleep I am going to bed now. Good night!