Before I say/write anything, watch this video:

That explains pretty much everything ๐Ÿ˜€

I jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane in 14,000 feet, that’s about 4.2 km. It was two times higher than the clouds that day.

And it was awesome! I can’t believe I did that, I have a hard time processing it ๐Ÿ˜€

This was the most intense experience in my life so far!

There’s not much to tell. I slept in, had some breakfast, relaxed, showered, and was picked up by Skydive Australia at 1PM. After some paperwork and waiting, I got an introduction and met my tandem master. He was a cool and funny guy. We were about 7 tandems that got on the bus to the airport. On the way I talked to a german girl, we were both surprisingly calm.

Out of the bus and into the plane. Inside our tandem masters strapped themselves to us, doublechecked everything and continued filming and talking to us. 2 miles from the dropzone things started to happen really fast: glasses on, sliding door open, jump, jump, jump!

The experience was unbelievable and hard to describe. The acceleration felt not as extreme as I expected, it was just awesome!

And I dropped through a cloud ๐Ÿ˜€ I could feel the humidity. When the parachute opened I could take of my glasses and enjoy the flight.

The free fall was about 60 seconds, the parachute flight then a couple of minutes before landed softly and easy on the beach.

I would jump right again, if it wasn’t that expensive. I can only recommend everybody to give it a try, it makes you smile for ages!

From 2011-07-12 Skydive Mission Beach. Posted by Philipp Hรผbner on 7/12/2011 (34 items)

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