It is called “Rainbow” Beach for a reason: the coloured sands that you can see from the beach.
There is an aboriginal story and a scientific one. I will explain to you neither 😛

I checked in at Dingo’s again at 3pm. They changed a few rules and I did not have enough cash with me for depositing the room key and a blanket. I needed a blanked, so I went to the next atm to get some cash, then returned and claimed the blanket.

Finally I walked down to the beach and had a swim. After the cold rivers and lakes on K’gari the 19° ocean was really nice 😀
I know it’s 19° because the lifeguard sign said so.

When I had enough I walked back to the hostel and had an extended shower, before uploading photos and blogging about K’gari and Rainbow.

There’s not much to tell about this little village here. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving it.

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