Got up at 6am, showered, packed, had a quick pankage breakfast ast 7 and checked out immediately afterwards. At 7:30 I left with the OzEx for the town of 1770. It’s named so because that year James Cook set foot for the first time on what would later become the state of Queensland.

Anyway, around 11 we arrived at Bundaberg. The first thing our driver / tour guide had to show us: the Bundaberg Rum destillery 😀

We spent there 20 minutes, enough for a quick look through the tiny museum and the big souvenier shop.

Afterwards he dropped off some people in the city where we had another 20 minutes time before we continued to 1770. I wanted to save money so I did not buy anything. I had enough food with me for the day.

From 2011-07-05 Bundaberg. Posted by Philipp Hübner on 7/05/2011 (10 items)

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