Today VividSydney started right on time at 6 pm. The city was illuminated in unbelievable beautiful ways.

At 4pm Nicole and I were at the Macquarie point to watch a beatiful sunset with opera, bridge and water in front. At 6.30pm it was pitch black, and we headed for The Rocks.  On the way we collected Max. Around Opera Quay, Circular Quay and The Rocks were heaps of light installations, one more awesome than the other. A few of them are truly unbelievable. Photos couldn’t catch it all because things were animated, so below there are also 2 videos.
This event is gonna last for 3 weeks. Philippish is not a satisfactory description for it anymore, it’s over the top!
See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

We walked up the Harbour Bridge for a good view on the Opera, but the bridge was vibrating too much for proper shots at night. So we walked beneath the bridge from where I could take lovely pics 🙂

When we were satisfied we went into the “Löwenbräu”. It is said to be a german pub, which is wrong! It is BAVARIAN! A fine difference :). Sabi worked on trial that night and we took photos of her in a Dirndl. And the best thing: she got the job!
After the most expensive beer in my life, 11.7$ for 0.5L (A Maß (1L) would have cost 22.4$), we went back to the hostel.


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