The first night

The travel talk was really great and interesting, it showed us what traveling Oz (= Australia) has to offer, but I had a hard time staying awake.
I gave my best but couldn’t completely avoid seconds sleep. The other germans felt the same, with more or less success in staying up.
For that reason we decided not to party that night at “the Gaff” with the others from the hotel and went to our room and to bed instead.

I watched the final episode of Vampire Diaries Season 2 because it was only 8.30pm and I wanted to get my sleep rythm right. What a dissappointment, Damon is cured and won’t die 🙁 but Jeremy is brought back from death by Bonnie and starts seeing dead people. Sounds like the 3rd episode is gonna be fun!

It took me a bit longer than usual, due to second sleep I had to replay certain scenes. About 10 pm I finally hit the hay!

I woke up at 1 the next day, feeling rested and up to speed, from bright light in our room. I got a shock, because we were supposed to be at the Orientation workshop at 11.30. After checking my 2 phones and the alarm I had set I finally realized it was 1 AM!!!
The bright light came from a huge advertising on the street 😀

I crashed back onto my bed and slept until 8 am, when my alarm went off.
Went down with Sabi and Max for breakfast. Nothing special, just serials, milk, toast and jam.
Then slept another hour, showered, got dressed and went to the lounge to write this blog post.
The Orientation meeting is about to start, more about that in the next post. Cya!

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