Hanging out

This morning I switched from my 4 bed dorm into a 8 bed dorm. The reason is that the first 8 nights included with my package are over, and I now have to pay for the stay. While a 4 bed dorm is 35$ per night, an 8 bed dorm is “only” 23$.

This also means I finally get away from the Germans (I hope) and get to speak more english.

The wetter is really ugly today, smoothly raining all the time. Hence I am hanging out at the Australian Backpackers lounge, using the free internet.
Later I will go shopping to cook something nice. Last night I couldn’t get chipped potatoes out ouf my head, so that’s what I am going to cook. Along with onions and bacon.

To keep you entertained, here are further notes from my time here in Sydney:

  • At the bus stop you have to signal the bus driver if you want to be picked up, otherwise he won’t stop for you.
  • There are tons of camera surveillance and CCTV everywhere! In the hostel, in public transport, in clubs. I’m glad there’s none in the bathrooms (unless it’s hidden, which I hope it’s not!).
  • In the streets, there are many “Alcohol free zones”. In these zones it’s illegal to consume alcohol out in the streets.
    It appears half Sydney is alcohol free. I have never even heard of the idea in Germany, people would start rioting, as it would make Karneval and most other German traditions and public festivals impossible.
  • The Sydney ferries offer free WiFi during the trip. I don’t know how they do it, but it works great and is really awesome!
  • I already described the traffic lights and the shitty aussie driving. What I didn’t mention yet is all the honking:
    the average Sydney driver hits the honk every few minutes. Either because pedestrians ignore their red lights and cross the streets, or because other aussies are driving crazy, block them or look ugly.
    They also do short honks if they want to get attention, e.g. if they see a friend on the pavement.
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