January, my last full month in Melbourne, is over. Only a handful of days left to work and then I am finally free again!!!

But this is about January:

The year started nice and hot, I enjoyed the last 2 days of my holidays, on the 3rd I was back at work.

On the 4th Andrew left for Sweden where he will be studying for one semester and then travelling around Europe, altogether for 6 months.
We (Andrew, Steph, Carole, Garry and me) had a nice dinner at Docklands and then drove to the airport and waited for the moment to say goodbye.

With Erin and Andrew gone, I have been the “only child” at the Brodies. The place has become quieter because Andrew and Steph weren’t there anymore all the time.

Not too quiet though, because the tennis came on, the Australian Open, which Carole likes to watch.

The following weekend my German travel mate Sabrina arrived in Melbourne. I had not seen her in ages, so it was great to catch up and show her Melbourne.

The following weekends have been full of events:

  • went to the ice lounge again, this time with Paula
  • Salsa dancing at the Night Cat every Sunday night
  • Sea Kayaking around Portsea and Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, this was my christmas present from the Brodies
  • saw the new (2nd) Sherlock Holmes at the movies – not as good as I had expected
  • did a Ghost Tour around Williamstown with Sam
  • Helicopter Trial Flight at Moorabbin, first towards the Dandenongs then along the Beach and back to the airport
  • Catherine and Dave’s engagement party
  • Brighton Beach where you can see the iconic Melbourne beach huts
  • went to MLUG again
  • on Australia Day Meg and I went to the Sorrento Back Beach, there’s nothing more aussie than that πŸ˜‰
  • saw the new Underworld (Awakening) at the movies in VMAX and 3D – amazing!

It’s not as busy as December, but still a lot. And of course I went dancing at MarShere twice a week and out for dinner here and there.

I want to point out that I bought a nice underwater camera, the Panasonic Lumix FT3/TS3 which allowed me to take awesome photos while being in or under the water.

And then of course the helicopter flight – an absolutely amazing feeling! I loved steering the helicopter myself. My instructor let go of all the controls (cyclic, collective and pedals) and steered out the side window ^^.
I found controlling the helicopter quite easy, although different from what I had expected. To be honest, it felt pretty much like playing GTA Vice City, only this time I was in the helicopter for real! It is great to know that if I had to I could fly a helicopter. Not perfectly yet because I only flew for half an hour, but I could do it! πŸ˜€


Now, I will leave Melbourne on February 11th, so my next post won’t be too long from now. Until then – enjoy this load of photos!

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