The morning after my dive course I slept in until 10 am. Then I wrote an email to OzEx and another to Noosa Backpackers Resort to tell Janine that the travel package worked out nice and give her some feedback.

When that was done I went to the lagoon. Unfortunately it was closed, but not for long. Every wednesday morning until noon they close the pool for cleaning. So I sunbaked for half an hour then went for a swim. When I came back out I noticed some familiar faces arriving, so I joined Sabrina and co. We spent some time together but in the afternoon we went separate ways. I bought some groceries at Woolworths then went back to the room. I was still exhausted from the dive trip so didn’t do much for the rest of the day. I went down for dinner and got a schooner of beer for one of my cards, then queued for the frea dinner. Afterwards I went back up to my room.

I had texted the canadians what they were up to the night, unfortunately for me they were on a fruitpicking farm.
Fortunately, Nicole had arrived that evening. So around 9 pm I met her and another familiar face (Vreni) outside Gilligan’s. First the girls needed to get some food, then we entered the Gilligan’s night club. We had to show them our I.D., they put it on a scanner and turned a webcam towards us. The computer than automatically recognized the form of ID and compared the photo with the webcam. Amazing!

We spent the night there. I used up my remaining bar cards, got a beer for free from somebody I hardly knew and some more beer from Nicole because she couldn’t drink it all. Nice! I only bought one stubbi of beer for $3,50, got all the other drinks for free. There  was a bikini contest later that night where a few girls from our group took place in. It was good fun 🙂

Around 1.30 am we left the nightclub. I said goodbye to Vreni and Nicole and went to bed.


The next morning my alarm woke me at 8 am. With my normal breakfast+check-out-procedure I was done by 9.30. I left my bags at the luggage storage and went to the lagoon. But before I went to the second hand book store next door. I bought 2 promising books for $20. I got them for $16 because I left the book I had read before. I had bought that for $5 in Surfers Paradise, so it was a fair deal.

At the lagoon I started reading Richard Dawkins’ “The God Illusion” with my legs in the water. Later I went for a swim then continued reading on my towel. At some point some German girls lay down next to me. Reading an english book they assumed I was non-german. Wrong! At some point when they were talking about me I suddenly answered them 😀

We then had an extended talk. One of them was studying religion in Germany although she’s not a believer, and she had heard of that book at uni. So we discussed the whole issue: religion, beliefs, … It was a good talk 🙂 and I really like that book. I am currently a relaxed agnostic person, but maybe I’ll be rather atheistic when I’m through with it. We’ll see!

Richard Dawkins is a well-known british professor and writer, this book one of his best-sellers. It’s definitely worth reading! It’s sometimes a bit hard to follow for me as a non-native speaker, but it’s also available in German for example.

So I spent most of the day sunbaking and reading or discussing that book. Late in the afternoon I had a shower at the facilites and then went back to Gilligan’s. I booked a shuttle bus to the airport for a week later, than sat down in front of the hostel and continued reading. Around half past 6 I was picked up by my new WWOOFing hosts.

I will write one big post about my week with them. It should appear on July 28th.

So long, enjoy the photos of my last days in Cairns:


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