I began my free day in Cairns relaxed with a sleep-in. 🙂 Then I had breakfast before I went for a walk around the city to get myself orientated. It was cloudy but nice. Do you know what was the most obvious sign that after weeks I am back in a bigger city?

The traffic lights! They’re as shitty up here as in Sydney and Brisbane, only here there is less traffic and the chance of being run over when crossing a red light is lower :D.

When I was back I tried to redeem my Gilligan’s Go Fun pass that I had won in the Oz Experience lottery. It’s worth $77, consisting of a free night, a $25 bar voucher and a $30 travel voucher (if I book something for at least $300).

It seems I am the first one ever who has won that prize actually trying to redeem it. I got the free night, but they were struggling with the vouchers. I don’t care about the travel voucher, but I would really like the bar voucher. The front office manager and the bar manager weren’t in, so I was asked to come back later.
I spent some time at the hostel’s great pool. When I went back to reception I was asked to leave my name and number, the bar manager would get back to me.

The rest of the day I spent blogging, uploading phots, doing stuff online and watching series. I got new people into my dorm and we talked quite a lot. English canadians and english englishs 🙂

Together with another german from my dorm I went down to the bar / club and had the free dinner. Because I am almost out of money and my dive course started the following day I did not go out that night.

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