The Flight to Incheon Seoul, South Korea

The flight was about 9 hours long and quite good, thanks to the nice entertainment system everyone had to himself.
I watched “Tron Legacy” and “The Tourist” and some TV series, ate all the food I got and had a good beer.

Here are a few funny/interesting things I noticed during the flight:

  • during take-off I watched the forward camera – we were allready accelerating on full thrust when I noticed another plane crossing our runway – what a safe feeling 😀
  • the entertainment system was somewhat Linux/Unix/… based, I could tell it was xorg from the mouse cursors 😀
  • every seat had a usb port to charge your phone or similar
  • the food onboard was quite good for plane stuff ^^ though I chose the european meals – 10k up in the air isn’t the right place to try out food you never had before 😉
  • the beer I had was a Korean one I’ve never seen before – it tasted different from what I call a beer, soft, but good 🙂

So much for now – stay tuned!
I need to kill 5 hours at the airport before the flight to Sydney begins. Luckily there is free wifi 🙂 Android rocks!

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