The 2nd night

We met at 7pm and went to an aussie restaurant/bar nearby, where I had a crocodile burger and the first beer since I am here.
The crocodile tasted great, somewhat like chicken, but with a better consistency.
Next time I’ll try the Kangaroo.

Our german group has grown as we got to know Terry and Philipp who had arrived on Sunday and Nicole who had arrived on just that day.
“We” – that now were 7 germans, 2 english guys and our dutch travel guy.

Afterwards we went to a pub (O’Malleys) with live music where the beer was somewhat cheaper. 3 germans went to bed before, so we were 2 english and 4 germans.
We shared quite a few jugs (1 jug = 1140 ml) and enjoyed our time. The live music was great, they played all the good rock classics, from “Hit the road, Jack” till “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, but also modern stuff from Metallica, Green Day and Blink182.

Around 11pm we left the pub to continue drinking at the hostel, where we got to know a few other people from France and Ireland.
When we stepped out of the pub we noticed that the streets were completely wet from rain – we had missed the first rain shower since we are here!

At 1am I decided to go to bed.

Further observations:

  • days are short here, the sun sets really early: at 4pm the sun is setting and at 6pm it’s pitch black.
  • here in Sydney are heaps of people jogging around at all times – crazy!
  • I will never understand the beer sizes here, there are just too many (mini, glass, pint, schooner, jug,….) and then the names mean different sizes in the different states of Australia. When I’m asked for the size, I’ll simply answer “the big one” ­čśë
  • at O’Malleys there was Rugby on TV. Something funny that we don’t have (yet?) in Germany: huge advertising sprayed on the grass at exactly the right angle for the camera. Looks awesome if you’re not used to it.
  • the question “Philipp, beer?” sounds exactly alike in German and English
  • J├Ągermeister seems to be much more popular in Australia than in Germany
  • I was told by Terry that in the women’s bathroom at O’Malleys there was a vending machine for “scientifically verified Pheromones” that improve the female body shape
  • For now I will stay with GlobalGossip and my current aussie mobile number. The rates are pretty good as I found out, especially for texting+calling to Germany.
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