I got up at 8am, had a quick breakfast and finally checked out at the hostel.
The girl at the reception was one of my roommates ๐Ÿ™‚

With my 25-30 kilos of luggage I walked the 2 km to the Wake Up hostel at central station:

GrรถรŸere Kartenansicht

Once I arrived I didn’t have to wait very long for my best friend from Melbourne, Jess, to arrive.
We couldn’t enter our room yet, Jess needed something for breakfast and had never been to Sydney before.
So I took her on a tour through Sydney ๐Ÿ™‚ you know, all the tourist stuff I had previously done.
We walked down George Street, had breakfast at some street cafe, went through the Queen Victoria Building, walked around Circular Quay, the opera and the Botanic Gardens.
Because she is into art, we had a look into the Art Gallery of New South Wales then before we took the free bus back to the hostel.
We had a nap and around 4pm we left for dinner at the “Pontoon” in Darling Harbour. Very nice! And then I showed Jess VividSydney ๐Ÿ™‚ just awesome,ย  look at this blogpost.

When we had seen almost everything and were at The Rocks, it started to rain heavily. We waited for the rain become less, and it did. But it didn’t stop completely. Jess, knowing the weather, correctly forecasted that it wouldn’t get any better, so we started our way back to the hostel through the rain. Quite an adventure, my shoes got completely soaked, but my leather jacked kept me warm.

Back at the hostel we changed into dry clothes and then went down to the “side bar”, the really cool bar/club of the hostel in the basement.
We got 2 drinks for one, which made the costs for the beer almost appropriate and had live music. We got to know several people from all over the world as well as locals and had lots of fun.

The absolute best thing about this day: I did not meet or speak any German, and instead of loose friendships to other backpackers I had my best friend with me. Awesome!

Some time past midnight I went to bed, while Jess stayed up for another 2 hours or so. Had to get up at 5:15am because the bus to the surfcamp left an hour later.