It is definitely going to happen! Journey booked, flights confirmed, deposit payed, visa granted.

On the evening of May 15th 2011 I am leaving Germany from Frankfurt Airport and going to Australia for a whole year. Well, not exactly a whole year, one year minus 3 weeks which I plan on spending in New Zealand.

Anyway, 2 days later I will arrive in Sydney for the 2nd time in my young life.  I’ve booked an additional adventure package, so for the first full week I’ll be enjoying life in and around Sydney before trying to get my first job overseas. You’ll get to know more details when it’s actually happening 😉

The rest of the time I’ll be travelling across the whole continent and doing jobs here and there. I’ll spent a couple of months in Melbourne around x-mas and new year’s eve, that’s for sure. And before I’m leaving the country I’ll be back to Melbourne, because my flight to New Zealand goes from there.

For everything else: nobody can know what will be happening, and that’s the adventure I’m facing. I am so looking forward to it! 😀