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Heidelberg is the most beautiful city in Germany that I can think of. It is one of the very few big ones that wasn’t destroyed during World War II.

My gf and I went there for a weekend to meet some friends from my previous travels.

Together we got to see the lovely old city, went across the Old Bridge, visited the Heidelberg Castle, took the “Bergbahn” up to the “King’s Chair” on the mountain where we had lunch, walked up the “Snake Road” and followed the “Philosopher’s Path“.

We also went up the Bismarck Tower, walked through the Thingstätte built by the Nazis and finally reached the ruins of the Monastery of St. Michael.

The weather was awesome, it was very hot, and we were especially lucky because on this very weekend the annual “Castle Lighting” took place. Late in the evening when it was dark the Castle was made to appear like being on fire again for a while, then went dark and was followed by 15 minutes of fireworks. It was amazing!

And here are my photos:

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