I had booked 6 nights in Wellington which gave me 5 full days. After the 15 days Contiki plus the long journey from Christchurch back to Wellington I was happy to mostly chill and relax. Also I had gotten a bad cold in the last days. With a blocked nose I could not enjoy food or drinks.

I bought unlimited internet via wi-fi for a week and spent most the time on my laptop. I prepared slideshow videos from my time in Australia, organized my roadtrip back to Auckland Airport, watched TV shows, chatted, skyped and much more. I was definitely not bored. I also went food shopping and cooked a few times, although it is not much fun to cook for one person in a badly equipped hostel kitchen. Anyway, I managed to recover from my cold.

On a very nice day I took the bus to the Weta Cave, which was cool. Afterwards I took the bus back into the city where I took the cablecar up to the Botanic Gardens. This was originally part of my Contiki trip, but I missed it due to my awesome private full day LOTR tour πŸ™‚
So I enjoyed this more than a week later. The walk back down through the gardens was very nice. When I reached the end I used Google Maps to find me the quickest way back to the hostel. To my surprise it knew all the foodpaths in the gardens! It lead me a fair bit through them, then into a tiny alley between to buildings that I almost didn’t find. There was scaffolding around one of the buildings and you really didn’t suspect a street there. It was to small for cars anyway. So up I went, along alleys and streets that no tourist ever sees. I liked it πŸ˜€ and eventually I arrived back at the hostel.

On another nice day I explored the city a bit more and walked back along the waterfront. Wellington is really a nice city, but after almost a year I am now tired of exploring. I am really looking forward to being back home. I’m sure that a couple of months later I will be happy to explore new places again, but right now I need time to process it all.

For the last 2 days in NZ I booked a free relocation car from Wellington to Auckland Airport. I went there already to confirm the booking, it’s alright. I won’t find out what car I’ll get until the day where I pick it up though, could be anything. Exciting! πŸ˜€

Of course I have worked out where I will be driving, but I won’t tell you yet. Only that much: I am going to check out some awesome Lord of the Ring film locations πŸ˜€

Wish me good weather for the next 2 days, and then a safe flight home. Cya soon!


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