He’s leaving home” – after half a year, the time has come.

I am currently sitting at the really cool bar of Nomads Melbourne on A’Beckett street with a pint of beer and my laptop, writing this post, after Carole and Garry have taken me out for dinner at the Stokehouse, a nice restaurant in St. Kilda right at the beach.

About this February: although it has been only half a month, there is still plenty of stuff that I did, so I can tell you plenty and show you a lot of photos. Here it comes:

  • On the first Friday we went to the Porters for dinner.Β  I had been there only once before, on Nicole’s awesome Harry Potter 21st birthday party. Now this was the first time that I have seen it in daylight. I love that place! But the best thing is inside: they have Grand Piano that I could play all evening, and I made good use of that πŸ˜‰
  • The following night Paula and I went out for dinner with Angela and Mark, the principals of the MarShere Ringwood dance studio. We had dinner at the Pig and Whistle Tavern & Restaurant, a british pub in the Dandenongs.
  • Afterwards we went to the SkyHigh viewpoint where you have an amazing view above all of Melbourne. On my first morning in 2006 Garry had taken me here, now I was there again, this time at night. I took some breathtaking photos and was absolutely at peace πŸ™‚
  • The next day we met them (and a few more people from the dance studio) in Blackburn for our high flying trapeze lesson. I already posted the videos here.
  • 2 hours later we had a late lunch together. All in all a very fulfilling weekend πŸ™‚ so fulfilling that it gave me sore muscles for 2-3 days ^^
  • Of course like on every other Sunday, Paula and I went to the Night Cat that night to learn some more Salsa dancing πŸ™‚ some new friends from dancing joined us for the first time and we had a late dinner together after the lessons.
  • The following week I finished work, my last day was the Tuesday. My colleagues completely spoiled me: they had bought cakes, prepared a huge card and the 2nd managing director hold a funny speech. My boss was in Sydney but called me to thank me again for the great work I have done. I got a really good letter of reference from him in English and a more technically detailed one in German from my coworker the IT manager.
  • The following day I finally managed to meet my friend Aom from Thailand. I had known her online for 2-3 years and she has been in Melbourne since May last year, but I was just too busy to catch up with her earlier. Anyway, it was great to finally meet in real life.
  • The same night (or rather the following morning) Steph and I went to Village Cinemas Knox to see the premiere of the remastered Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D. It was in their biggest showroom, and it was stunning. Seeing that movie brought back a lot of childhood memories.
    Just as good as the movie itself were all the people in authentic Star Wars costumes swinging lightsabers and the Star Wars merchandise stand in the hallway.
  • The next day I went shopping – bought a new pair of trekking shoes and some aerogard against all the insects on my upcoming trip.
    Just when I got back home I got a call from Adventure Tours saying there was an error with my booking. That gave me a few more days to hang out in Melbourne.
  • Thanks to my extra time Paula and I could check out the St. Kilda Festival together. Not bad, but I wasn’t impressed either. The Germans really know how to throw public parties πŸ˜‰
  • Afterwards we picked up 2 of Paula’s friends from the UK (although one is actually German) at their hostel and took them to Ringwood. After a tasty meal at the Pancake Parlour we showed them Paula’s home before we all went to the Night Cat together.
  • the last Wednesday (now) I already told in the beginning: dinner at St. Kilda, then check-in at Nomads Melbourne.

Check out this cool video I took at Federation Square:

And now I am happy to present the photos of this last half a month in Melbourne to you!

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