2 Days before my first trip, the 3 days from Melbourne to Adelaide, I got a call from Adventure Tours.

Turns out there was a mistake with my booking. The trip itself is carried out by Topdeck, which had me on their lists for the 16th, while I had booked with Adventure Tours for the 11th. When I was at the travel agent we had to reschedule that first trip a few times to get it in sync with the following tours. Apparently there was some miscommunication between Adventure Tours and Topdeck. The tour on the 11th was sold out and I was not on the list.

Luckily, leaving on the 16th still works out for me. It means that instead of having to spend 5 days in Adelaide (which my Aussies keep telling me would have been very boring) I get to stay 5 days longer in Melbourne. So I get to sleep in, hang out, and have the chance to go to the Night Cat once more :). Their Salsa classes are really awesome!

All is good, except that you and I have to wait a couple of days longer to see the great Great Ocean Road 😉