Travel Itinerary 2012

Because so many people keep asking, I decided to write down my plans for 2012.

I am working until February 7th, then I will go travelling more or less right away for about 6 weeks, probably all with Safaris from Adventure Tours:

  • From Melbourne 3 days via the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide
  • 3 days on Kangaroo Island
  • 16 days from Adelaide via Alice Springs to Darwin
  • 21 days from Darwin via Broome to Perth
  • optionally Margaret River (depending on time and money)

After that I will have seen pretty much all of Australia :D.

I will be back in Melbourne for the first 2 weeks of April, time to catch up with and say GoodBye to all my friends there.

On April 16th I am flying from Melbourne to Auckland, New Zealand.

On April 19th I will start a 15 day tour with Contiki across both the north and the south island. See here for details. One of my absolute must dos is bungee jumping. Watch the video on this page to get an idea!

Finally, on May 13th (Mother’s Day in Germany) I will land in Frankfurt which marks the end of my 12 months abroad.


For those who wonder what my plans are for the time after that: I intend to study electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen. 5 years, to do Bachelor and Master. The RWTH is an elite university with an awesome reputation for engineering and more. And I don’t have to specialise in the first few semesters and can find out in time what I want to do. Could be high energy technics, renewable energies, telecommunications, …