The Big OneD5100

Whenever something might be worth carrying a DSLR with you, I have my Nikon D5100 with me.

My additional equipment for this camera has been and still is growing over time, but the body and the stock 18-105 mm lense are already a very decent set. Of course I have got a GorillaPod, a Tripod, a zoom lense, a wireless remote, some filters, additional battery and more.
The newest addition is a dedicated flash, the Nikon Speedlight SB700. A dedicated flash can be a huge improvement for photos when used correctly, definitely worth the money.



The Small Onetz10

When it is not possible or not worth the effort/risk, I have my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 with me.
It is compact enough to fit into my jeans pocket yet does really good photos if you know what you’re doing.
Combined with a small GorillaPod this set is even suitable for long exposure nighttime shots.
The GPS function gives it the finishing touch.



The Tough Oneft3

Whenever it might be wet, cold, dusty or otherwise dangerous, I have my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT3 with me.
It is waterproof down to 12m, freeze-proof down to -10℃, shockproof for up to 2.0m and dust-proof. Furthermore it has got Full HD movie recording, GPS function, compass, altimeter, depth indicator and a barometric sensor.

This camera is perfect for heavy outdoor use and I did use it a lot when I was travelling around Australia.